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Extra and Co-Curricular Activities:  

To provide students with worthwhile leisure time, activities that foster personal, physical, and social growth are offered as part of the extra-curricular program at HTCA.  The principal must be assured that such activities are properly supervised and that the necessary safety precautions are taken, and there is a nominal cost for each club. Activities vary from year to year, depending upon the requests from the students, parents, and faculty and the availability of instructors.  Students who participate in these activities must exhibit proper behavior as outlined in the student handbook, or they risk being asked to leave the particular club/activity.  In addition to school activities, the Holy Trinity parish-sponsored Sports Foundation offers team sports.





The photos are from the Winter 2016 session of the Long Island Chess Nuts program at the school. They were taken during the last day of the session, which featured an exciting speed chess tournament as well as an award ceremony.