We are learning about the early Church, different herecies, monks and monastic life, and Christianity becoming the official religion of the Roman Empire. 

Our Saint of the Week is Saint Lucy.

Our Gospel this week comes from Jn 1:6-8, 19-28.

Please complete the following for homework. Due 12/11.

Confirmation Questions - 1

  1. When do we see hands being used in a powerful way in the Old Testament?
  2. When do we see the laying on of hands being used by Jesus in the New Testament?
  3. Other than for healing, how else does Jesus use his hands in a powerful way? What does it signify?
  4. In the examples of Peter and John in Samaria and Paul in Ephesus, what does the laying on of hands come after? 


Confirmation Questions - 2

1.T or F: Reconciliation is the high point of Christian Initiation, and all Christian life.

2. Why did the Western Church separate Baptism and Confirmation?

3. Why did the Churches in the East keep them (Baptism and Confirmation) together?

4. What does the laying on of hands symbolize?

5. Name some other symbolic uses of the number 7 in the Bible. 

****Our next test is TBA.  

*** Please refer to the red folders that I handed out to the students to make sure you are keeping up with all of the Confirmation deadlines!