Our Scholastic book order code for fifth grade is  NDXLF 


Fifth Grade has gym on Wednesdays.  Please send students to school wearing appropriate gym uniforms.

There is no written homework tonight.
ELA test is next Wednesday - Nouns and Frindle
Science test is next Thursday - Matter



Math - pages 48, 49, and 50; study for test on Thursday

Grammar - pages 66-67

Social Studies - Read and complete page 19

Spelling - get test signed and return tomorrow - if you got any words incorrect, write them correctly 10 times each on the back of the test.

Some students did not hand me their signed Math quiz or Religion test - please bring it in tomorrow

Tomorrow, students will be getting their eyes checked.  Please send them in with their eyeglasses if they wear them.  Thank you for your continued support.



Math - pages 45-46; study for test

Grammar - pages 62-63

Get Math quiz signed 

Get Religion test signed 

***Math test was changed to Thursday



Looking ahead:

Tuesday is our spelling test.  Please study.

Wednesday is our Math Test on Unit 1.  Please study.  Students will receive a review packet on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Parents - please do not empty students' folderse  of work or worksheets. We use papers in class for labs, writing assignments, and extended lessons.  Several students were unprepared for class today because their papers were left home.  Thank you so much for your continued support.



Math - worksheet - rounding decimals practice

ELA - writing - on loose leaf, with a proper heading, write a paragraph of at least 7 sentences answering the second question from your writing packet.

Social Studies - complete the reading on the Great Plans People. Answer the questions citing your answers.  Remember to number the lines before you begin (don't include the titles)  When you have completed both sides, study the map for tomorrow's lesson.

Religion - study for test tomorrow.

looking ahead - Spelling test is next Tuesday.  Please study



Parents please check folders.  Many forms were sent home that need to be filled out, signed, and returned to school tomorrow.  

Bring in summer book reports.

Bring in any other forms or paperwork for the office

Bring in all school supplies

Cover textbook with book sock or paper

Cover all workbooks with clear contact paper

















 September 2018