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Mystery Reader - 1st Grade
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Your Help Is Needed to Restore Mandated Services Aid Formula



Last year the Senate unanimously approved S6068 and there were only 6 NAY votes in the Assembly.  However, the Governor VETOED it (Because it was not in the budget.).  This bill would have re-allowed you to use just instructional days, in addition to your instructional hours (5/5.5) when computing your Mandated Services and CAP reimbursements.  This year the push is starting again.  Please consider helping.  There are a lot of reasons you should, here are the top two plus two:


1.  Mandated Services has become a pain in the neck!  If you have not been audited yet, chances are you will and it seems that every school that is audited is asked to verify their required work days.  It is easy to verify instructional days.  It is very difficult to count, yet alone verify non-instructional days.

2.  Using instructional days not only makes the claim process easier but it means a higher claim.  Mandated Services is paid based on your employees’ hourly rate of pay.  Since they are salaried the lower the number of days and hours per day, the more they make per hour, the higher your claim.

3.  Your students’ parents pay a lot in property taxes that support education.  Each public school student is supported by approximately $20,000 per year.  Your parents give up that $20,000 and in addition pay you tuition.  Don’t you owe it to them to keep that tuition as low as possible?  Every dollar that you get for Mandated Services is a dollar that you don’t have to raise from tuition or other fun—fundraising event!

4.  We pay dearly for our freedom to educate our students in a school of our choice, Holy Trinity!  Mandated Services helps.


This is the first step, but it is an important step.  First, we need to get the appropriate language into the up and coming budget bills.  The Assembly, Senate and Governor need to get the language right.  Later, they need to pass it, and finally the Governor needs to sign it.  So, at various steps, I will try to let you know want is needed but you need to be on board.  We know from past years that went we do it right, we can get it done.  We have the 5/5.5 hour instructional day.  Now we need the instructional days language.


The easiest way for you to help would be to get lots of people to go to: Take Action for Religious and Independent Schools.  This is the NYS Catholic Conference’s political action site, but anyone can use it.  It provides a fully editable email to your Assemblyperson, State Senator and Governor.  Once sent, the email is from you!


Please email or call the Governor’s office

NYS Senate:



Request that he/she support the continued use of Instructional Days as the basis for Mandated Services Claims:


“As you work on the 2018-19 State Budget, we urge you to consider the interests and needs of the tuition-paying families at Holy Trinity whom you represent:


Restore Mandated Services Aid Formula: Despite the support of legislators last year to restore the "instructional time" formula upon which our schools receive Mandated Services Reimbursement, Governor Cuomo vetoed the measure. Unless this formula is restored, many schools will actually suffer an average 4 percent cut in their state reimbursement. This is patently unfair and unacceptable especially knowing aid to public schools continues to rise. We need you to restore the formula in this year's budget.”



The Lord implores us, "Return to Me with all your heart."  Once again Lent comes to make its appeal, to remind us that it is possible to create something new within ourselves and around us.  (adapted from Pope Francis' homily)  Let us grow in prayer, sacrifice, and charity this Lenten season.

Tonight's report card conferences are cancelled because of weather conditions.  You may pick up your child's report card any time before 3pm today, or it will be sent home tomorrow.

We are united in prayer for Sofia. May God hold her in the palm of His hand, and may our Blessed Mother wrap Sofia in her loving embrace.  

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