Unbelieveably we are at the end of the year and it is crazy how fast the time went. Your students have learned so much and I am incredibly proud. 

They have learned about every letter A-Z and have begun trying to write them. They have learned to recognize numbers 1-20 and have begun practicing counting to 30 on their own.

They are ready to be Pre-K children!

Looking Ahead:

June 8th Spirit day---Come in spirit day color T-shirt! 12 o'clock dismissal.

June 19th Beach Blanket Picnic at 10am---Come in preschool rocks shirt!

June 20th LAST DAY--Moving up ceremony at 9am! Come dressed up. Children will leave right after we finish.


The Beginning--October 2017

IMG 1530

The End-- June 2018

IMG 5114 1



We have had so much fun together this year. I will miss each of them for different reasons. Thank you everyone for an amazing year! Pre-K here they come!!


--Ms. Araneo