Ms. Nicotra/ 3rd Grade

Scholastic Code: QCK79

12:00 dismissal on Friday 9/29 for the carnival!

Have a wonderful weekend!

We will be covering the following topics this week: 

ELA- We begin this week with new spelling and vocabulary words. In grammar, we will be focuahtsing on declaritive and interrogative sentences. We will practice our sequencing skills and incorporate transition words into our writing while reading the story Kumak's Fish and responding to comprehension questions. A spelling and vocabulary test will be given this Friday.

Math- We are finishing up place value and moving onto rounding to the nearest tens, hundreds, and thousands! 

Social Studies- This week we will be having discussions on culture and sharing similarities and differences between the cultures of our peers. Reading maps, relative and exact location, and cardinal and intermediate direction are topics that we will end the week discussing.

Science- We are finishing up with properties of matter and moving onto the various ways we measure in science. We will conduct a sink or float lab in class.

Religion- Chapter 1 focuses on Jesus' public ministry. We will discuss Mother Teresa and her devotion to helping others. We will also learn about the Blessed Trinity. 

Upcoming tests:

Math test on chapter 5- Thursday 9/28

Reading comprehension test Friday 9/29