First Grade Class Page

Week of September 18, 2017

Important Information

Continue to check the website for homework posted daily.

Assessments This Week

Thursday - Vocabulary words assessment - Students will be tested on their understanding of the meaning of the words

Friday - ELA assessments given - reading comprehension, sight words read orally, spelling words


Looking Ahead...

Monday 9/25 - Math Quiz on lessons 5-9 in chapter 1


What are we learning this week?

ELA - This week we will practice our reading skill of identifying characters and story setting.  We will be reading the realistic fiction story, Sam Come Back.  In phonics we are exploring words that make a short a and words that have the consonant pattern -ck.

New Sight Words: come, in, my, on, way

Spelling Words: can, cat, back, dad, am, bat, mad, ran, sack, at

Vocabulary Words: gasp, sneaky, empty, fortune, grin

Math - We are exploring various ways we can add numbers to make the same sum.  For example, 4+5=9, but we can also break apart 9 to say 3+6=9.

Religion - This week we will learn that God sent Jesus, his own Son, to us.

Science - As we continue our unit of living things, we will be exploring different animal groups.  Last week we began to learn about mammals and birds.  This week we will learn about reptiles, amphibians, fish, and insects.

Social Studies - We are continuing our unit exploring how people cooperate best within school and within our community.  This week we will learn what makes a person a good citizen and ways we can be good citizens.



  • Math pages 49 and 50
  • Sight words worksheet
  • Phonics worksheet
  • Choose one way from the spelling homework to practice your weekly words
  • Practice reading phonics mini-book in folder


  • Sentences worksheet
  • -ck words worksheet
  • Choose one way from the spelling homework sheet to practice your spelling words.
  • Math pages 55 and 56
  • Practice reading 16-19 in Reading Street - Do not cover the Reading Street textbooks

Math pages 61 and 62
Practice reading Sam Come Back in Reading Street
Spelling words activity
Homework worksheet in folder



Math pages 67 and 68

Practice reading Sam Come Back in Reading Street

Spelling words activity

Sight words worksheet